How Google My Business and Reviews Can Boost Your Online Presence

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As website and Google experts, we can confidently say that Google My Business and Google Reviews are two essential tools for businesses looking to increase their online visibility and reputation. Here’s why: Google My Business It’s a free tool that allows businesses to create and manage their online presence across Google, including Google Search and […]

Hazeal Newman & Associates

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We have supported clients locally and on the Eyre Peninsula, state-wide and nationally for over 90 years. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our expert, hard-working team and the exceptional service we provide.     Our Mission To achieve the best possible results for our clients through the combination of innovative accounting solutions, our collective […]


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RUNNING A BUSINESS IS ABOUT MAXIMIZING THE BOTTOM LINE But it’s probably not the be all and end all for you. You’ve established a business around your passion, and going into work every day is about making the world a slightly better place and helping your team discover their full potential. We help you focus […]


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We help our clients vastly exceed what they thought they could achieve so they can play a bigger game which is then reflected in their families, our community, our country and our world. It began in 2008 when Tim Hale and Troy Townley came to the realisation that small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) wanted […]

New rules for Australia domain names for 12 April 2021

New rules for .au domain names take effect on 12 April 2021 and contain changes which may affect the eligibility for top level Australia domain names. What the change is Paragraph 2.4.5 of the new rules states if you use an Australian trade mark to meet the eligibility criteria for a or name, […]

Google Algorithm Updates: how can SEO help businesses?

Google publishes typically one or more updates every day to boost search results. While these updates are mostly unnoticeable, they are commonly implemented to improve the search engine’s overall efficiency and the user experience.

Delphi Accounting Group

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All your bookkeeping and accounting done right.First time. It seems that every accountant today is seeking vainly to show why their firm is different from all the other firms out there, by creating their own ‘brand’, with pithy one-liners to show how awesome they are. Some clients may want to work with us because of […]

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