Google Algorithm Updates: how can SEO help businesses?

Google publishes typically one or more updates every day to boost search results. While these updates are mostly unnoticeable, they are commonly implemented to improve the search engine’s overall efficiency and the user experience.

In relation to these updates, Google recently announced a new core update, which was released in December 2020. Google has provided recommendations about what to do if this significant update has adversely impacted your website. According to Google, there are no particular steps to be taken to recover, and in fact, unfavourable rankings do not necessarily imply that something is wrong with your website pages.

In its latest statement about the update, Google said, “The December 2020 Core Update is now rolling-out live. As is typical with these updates, it will typically take about one to two weeks to roll out fully.”

It is essential to note that when Google updates its algorithms, websites may perform better or worse in the search engine results. This is why understanding why Google makes these improvements can help websites find effective ways to adapt to the change.

One of the best ways to maintain a good ranking despite an algorithm update is to optimise existing content effectively. Despite every major update, Google’s love for high-quality and relevant content has always been consistent. Not to mention, producing quality content means producing absolute rewards. This is why SEO experts advise website owners to create and deliver the best content possible for their respective online channels. 

With the unpredictable nature of Google updates, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from experts who know the ins and outs ranking algorithms. This is hugely beneficial, especially if you’re not familiar with how search engine optimisation works.

Here are some of the notable benefits of SEO:

  • Lead Generation – Free search engine traffic
  • Fresh content – Shows that you are an authority in your field and you are still in business!
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Builds Brand Credibility
  • Ensures Website is Mobile-Friendly
  • Long-Term Marketing Strategy
  • Improves Website Speed

To make the most of the Google Search engine algorithm changes, Google is looking for the following:

  • Is your content fresh and updated often
  • Is your page content authoritative, reliable and trustworthy
  • Does your content help and inform your visitors
  • Is your content relevant (i.e. key-worded) to your services and company

The good news is, Practiceplus has been providing custom written blog content for a number of our clients for the past few years that provides exactly these requirements. By creating blog posts every week or so, you are able to fulfil  all of the above, plus make the most of the extra Google traffic that links directly to your blogs.

Are you interested in custom written SEO-optimized blogs for your website?

If you are interested in having quality content written for your website, Practiceplus can help you create articles and blogs that can improve your overall rankings in the Google search engine. To get started, email the team at  [email protected] or fill out our contact form.

Google core updates:


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