PracticePlus provides an array of marketing products & services for SEO optimization, lead generation, analytics and social media management

Marketing & Lead generation

We provide the typical lead generation services such as Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram advertising and more!
We also provide customized lead funnels and ads that are a little outside the square of typical.

We also have a Lead Generation funnel especially for our Accountant clients! Take a look at the following:

Click here

We run Facebook ads to the above form, which visitors will fill out.
The form data then get’s submitted to our accountants closest to the area!
Accountants will then receive the Lead data sent via email.

We also have a Google Spreadsheet of all the submissions

This is just an example of a marketing funnel we can setup for our clients.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO process typically starts with a website analysis of your current site. We will run an SEO audit of your overall website and page performance to find your SEO ranking score.

Then we provide you with a website analysis report on how your website could be improved for SEO and organic traffic lead generation.

You will then receive a checklist of items that need fixing or optimizing. This package usually goes hand in hand with our Custom Blog writing services which are keyworded specifically to your company, which will help increase your search engine reach and overall visitors to your site.

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