What makes a great leader?

“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” — John C. Maxwell

As a business owner, your staff looks up to you as their leader. Your decisions and actions affect the performance and attitude of your employees toward you.

Here are some leadership qualities worth developing to help you become a great and effective leader.

1. Confidence

Great leaders are confident leaders.

Do not be afraid to make difficult decisions and take action.

If you are half-hearted in your actions, people around you notice and will not follow you. After all, who wants a leader who is unsure of themselves?

When developing your confidence, keep in mind that being confident is different from being too proud of yourself. It’s vital to know when the right time is to step up and when you should listen to your staff.

2. Resilience

Small business owners go through many challenges. You should be strong enough to weather the storm and maintain a positive attitude.

During difficult times, you should be the one motivating your team and not the other way around. As a leader, your job is to keep the morale of your employees high. Always remember that great leaders don’t focus on the problem. They focus on finding solutions.

3. Integrity and Honesty

Great leaders lead by example. You can’t expect your employees to be honest if you’re not.

There will be times when circumstance will test your integrity and honesty. Never waver. Stick to your values and keep pushing on.

4. Innovation and Creativity

Good leaders think outside the box. They do not follow what everyone else is doing. Instead, they think about what they can do to improve their processes and offer unique ideas to their team.

5. Empowerment and Delegation

Great leaders understand that they can’t do everything. They appreciate and respect the skills and talents of their people. With that appreciation, they also trust that their people are capable enough to handle different responsibilities. They are not afraid to delegate work and empower their employees to develop their skills further.

Do you have the characteristics of a great leader? Practice these qualities every day and see the changes you can make in your business.


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