Organic marketing is the act or process of getting your potential customers to come to you naturally over time, rather than through paid advertising.

This usually branches into three main areas:

1. SEO

SEO is the optimisation of your website’s pages and content. Where the wording is articulated around specific keywords in an attempt to reach people, who search for those keywords using Google and other search engines. SEO can be mostly achieved through a one-time optimisation process but often needs refreshing, monthly or annually.

Once a site has been SEO’d, the desired keywords can bring your website up at the top of the search engine, or to at least rank higher in the list.

2. Website Content (Blogs)

Blogs are ways of utilising keywords and providing content for search engines to pick up on. They achieve several advantages. Apart from being a great and interesting read, blogs keep your website fresh, which is a crucial factor, so people don’t think you’ve gone out of business- yes, that can happen! But mainly blogs provide search engines with page content, which means more pages getting indexed in search engines. Therefore, more chance of a match when someone is searching for your business.

3. Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Most of your target market is on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Instagram. It doesn’t cost anything to share something interesting on your social networks- it may require your time though. By sharing your latest blogs on social networks, you are keeping your social content fresh and updated. This attracts people that may be “checking you out” on social media. If your last post was three years ago, they could think you have gone out of business. So it is vital to update your social media for that reason regularly, but also to appeal to potential new clients or visitors who may be just passing through and viewing your business.

4. Chat (added in – extra bonus)

This one seems to be overlooked, however, with a chat system on your site you are “right there” in real-time, easily able to communicate with people who may be “just looking” but might have a few queries they would like answered. This chat system will alert you via an app when someone has asked a question or is trying to talk to you. With chat, people feel comfortable to say hi without having to call, and it’s more convenient than having to compose an email. So you can increase potential customer conversation (organically) just by having a chat system on your website.

Another great advantage is that you can provide active support for existing clients, so all in all- a chat system is worthwhile.

Practiceplus provides packages for all of the above. If any of these methods appeal to you, or you know you need to do something about it – we can easily set this up, and it’s less daunting than you think!

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Article written by PracticePlus 

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