PracticePlus offer’s all our clients the following Features & Tools to help engage and sell to clients and prospects online.

Website real-time chat

We provide you with a world-class chat system that plugs in to your website.
This is what you can with live chat:

  • Engage with your customers in real-time as they are viewing your website
  • Show popup messages depending on timing, what page your visitor is on or in response to key words
  • Answer visitors questions immediately

As a website owner, you will get access to the real-time dashboard where you can chat live, get real-time notifications on your mobile phone, view visitor stats, receive a copy of the chatlog and much more!

  • We can be your support people! We can provide chat support and answer your customers enquiries as REAL PEOPLE for your business.  (Get in touch to find out more)


Features 1
Features 2


A marketing report dashboard is an integral part of your companies success, and it should be easy to look at and easy to understand. We provide custom made Analytics dashboards & reporting for your web, social media, email stats and more…

You won’t know how well your website is doing if you can’t see the stats!, stop flying blind…

Click here for a sample example of a custom analytics page, provided by Google DataStudio

Features 3

Xero Practice Studio integration

Never import another CSV file into email marketing software. Automatic synchronisation of your Xero Practice Studio contacts with your website means your email marketing lists are ALWAYS up-to-date.

Additionally your website contact form enquiries automatically create leads in WorkflowMax.

Features 4

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