PracticePlus provides customised app integration solutions. The purpose of integrating systems is to automate processes and save time, energy and money!


Integrations can save your company time, energy and money

What are integrations?

Web Integrations is a system where more than one application (i.e 3rd party system) is used to achieve an end result.

For example: When a customer fills out your form, typically you would make a record of their details in a spreadsheet, and store their contact details in XERO. Then you could respond to them via email to say thanks you’ll get in touch. Typically, that’s not a problem, but it can become quite time consuming if you have a lot of other BAU tasks that need to be done (and that’s usually the case right?).

Have a look at the diagram below. Some of the connections mentioned can be optional, but it gives you a better idea of what can be achieved.

An integration takes advantage of the fact that many of the 3rd party systems we use already, are online… and typically, that means they have a “connector” (otherwise known as an API).

The integration will be a connection between all the services you need and the integration will most likely be automated. Then, when a visitor visits your website, you will be able to automatically respond to them, possibly even ask them to fill out a more detailed form. When your client fills out a form, you can then have that data automatically stored in a Google Sheet, automatically store their contact details in XERO, then automatically add them to your mailing or newsletter list!

So not only can this kind of setup save you time, it can also make your business a lot easier to scale!
This is the beauty of customized advanced integrations. Typically, it seems as though these kind of integrations are not mainstream, almost as if they don’t exist? but they do exist. They are available through companies who know how to implement them.

This is where Practiceplus steps in. We can provide the obscure, customised integration need that your company may have. You might not even know that many of your existing systems could be automated!

If you think your company could benefit from automating some of it’s online systems and processes, get in touch! We will see if we can save you time, money, energy and stress!

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