Website + App = A Perfect Combination!

PracticePlus is proud to announce an alliance with MyFirmsApp™, the leading approved Accountants' and Bookkeepers' app.

Need a website? Then now's a great time to launch your own App too, creating a powerful combination of website and App that brings together all the latest technology and gives your firm a head-start on all your competitors.

An app will be fully branded for your firm, differentiating you from your competitors and can be 'live' in a matter of weeks.

Change the way you interact and communicate with clients, contacts and potential clients using the most powerful and advanced Accountants’ app.

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Mobile has changed everything!

Where clients go, advisors must follow and apps are driving mobile engagement.

They command over 80% of the time people (your customers and future customers) spend on mobile devices.

Firms which use the MyFirmsApp™ solution build deeper, more valuable relationships between brands and customers by providing multiple opportunities to engage with them through messaging and compelling content that matters to them.

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Trusted by hundreds, endorsed by many

MyFirmsApp™ provides the world’s leading App solution for accountancy and bookkeeping firms. Offering you a fully compliant approved and endorsed App that you know has passed rigorous 3rd party assessments.

With over 85,000 end-users it’s a tried, tested and proven solution.

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Rapid ROI

Launching an App isn’t a speculative punt – far from it! Your clients and future customers are already using Apps as part of their daily lives and that’s why accountancy firms that have launched an App have experienced great results.

  • Low initial purchase price
  • A powerful engagement tool your clients will love
  • Helping you stand out and win new clients

It can also help you to save money. Many firms are using the App to replace expensive, outdated newsletters by sending push notifications instead of letters in the post or emails.

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Unique to your Practice

It’s your unique App, with your branding and logo and it contains your firm’s key messages. Everything is carefully designed so it represents you exactly in the way you wish. No two Apps are ever the same.

In addition, you can also control the content of your App via a secure portal. That means you can add, edit or remove your content, images and links at the touch of a button.

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Tax Content, Financial Data and all technical updates managed for you

Relax! You don’t need you to be involved in the update of tax or other technical data on your App. As part of your package, our expert team continuously updates all the tax content, financial data and calculators as necessary.

They also take care of the technical updates. So each time the next version of iOS or Android comes out, your App will automatically update and continue to work.