BLOG: Perception is Reality

I had my first experience with an Occulus Rift virtual reality headset recently. When the giant virtual spider jumped onto my virtual hand I jumped out of my skin. I perceived the spider to be real and I reacted accordingly.

BLOG: Perception is Reality

We are quick to make assumptions. If you have an old, non-changing website many of your potential clients may make assumptions about your services. I recently met a high profile accountant - a director of a top accountancy practice - who said to me “I stay away from websites and technology and leave it to others to sort ... not an area I know much about!”

Which is fine, as long as someone is sorting it. Otherwise it’s a missed opportunity to showcase your experience and knowledge to a wider audience.

User Experience

A website’s success depends on how users perceive it. Users assess the usefulness and ease of use of websites as they interact with them, forming their conclusions almost immediately. This interesting article on User Experience (UX) discusses how users base their decisions on whether to engage with a site based on questions like:

  • Does it have value to me?

  • Is it easy to use?

  • Am I delighted by the experience?

A good user experience leaves users answering ‘yes’ to all of these questions.

What impression are YOU making?

We’ve discussed the importance of making a good impression with your website design here in a previous Blog post. It’s well known that better conversion rates depend on better design. What’s the impression you’re leaving on potential clients?

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to tell your story. From our new configurable template options providing a quick process for a best practice design, through to fully customised websites our team can assist you to put your best foot forward. We also provide marketing tools and a content solution to help you keep up to date.

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Michelle Polglase PracticePlus

As General Manager for PracticePlus, Michelle is inspired by innovation and on a mission to provide the best website solutions for accountants and bookkeepers globally.