BLOG: Karbon and the 5 Accounting Trends you need to know

Australia is seen as leading the way in redefining the modern cloud accounting practice. Indeed, Karbon have just released their Accounting Trends Report 2016, and you can download that here.

BLOG: Karbon and the 5 Accounting Trends you need to know

As you will have heard, compliance is still alive, although more as a commodity with profit-per-partner decreasing. There are real opportunities for firms to capitalise on the move to business advisory services, and Karbon has identified 5 trends you need to know about. 


Webinars for a deep dive in

Wayne Schmidt talks with industry experts, offering a webinar on each trend.


The 5 trends are: 

1. Number crunching takes a back seat. 

As branching into client services provides growth, customer service keeps relationships nourished.

2. What's your specialty? 

There's a lot of competition out there. Chop it down by finding your niche.

3. Integrated, Intuitive technology

The honeymoon is over for best of breed, it's time for apps to talk to one another

4. Age matters

Are soon-to-retire accountants holding your firm back, or will you suffer without them? 

5. Going global

Embracing the opportunities as boundaries recede. 

Your competitive advantage

Take advantage of the insights and recommendations from the Karbon team and move your accounting practice to the next level. 

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