BLOG: Capturing leads for business success!

Capturing information about your website visitors can help your business grow.

BLOG: Capturing leads for business success!

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Every good accountant knows that their website is the hub for their core marketing efforts. And what's the main goal for an accounting website? To generate leads. So whether you are creating a website for the first time, or considering a redesign of your current website, you'll need start focusing on achieving your business growth goals. And that is where we can help...

There are 7 key criteria that your accounting business should consider when it comes to capturing leads:

1.  Your website needs to have a professionally designed appearance and content that is simple and to the point. Concentrate on the benefits your accounting firm offers and what sets you apart from others. Once you have grabbed the customer’s attention, you need to keep it!

2.  Have a blog that is regularly updated with fresh, new content that your customers are interested in.

3.  Make sure your website has an easy to use navigation system and some form of analytics tracking. This is to ensure consumers can find things on your website easily and that you can track where they are coming from.

4.  You are active on social media and that it integrates back into your website. Posting regularly on social media with links to your blog posts and interesting parts of your website will help you get consumers linking back to your website regularly.

5.  A ‘smart’ call-to-action page, which is easy to find. You want to get a response from users and this is the first step for them to connect with you so make sure it only asks for essential information and has minimal steps.

6.  Offers like a downloadable ebook, guides and videos are a great way to engage with your consumers in the initial stages. Make sure they are concise and always add value to the consumer.

7.  A landing page, this is the last point of contact before a consumer fills out a form and becomes a lead, so make sure that this page is clear, uncluttered and has visual appeal.

Follow these steps and you will be generating a ton of leads in no time! For more information on this, contact us and set up a free 30minute consultation with one of our experts, to help you get on the path to business success!

Jessica Campbell

Marketing Specialist