TOOLS: Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank have provided an efficient solution for those annoying but essential bits of paper. And as a partner you can also gain insights into the data extraction.

TOOLS: Receipt Bank

What does Receipt Bank do? 

Increase your practice efficiency! Simply snap, scan or email your receipts and invoices. Receipt Bank's fully automated software will extract the key data, code the transaction and send it straight to your accounting software along with the image attached.

Receipt Bank partners also receive a Practice Platform dashboard, giving insight to the data extraction. Gain real time visibility of your bookkeeping workflow metrics 24/7, allowing you to efficiently manage your workload, your team and your clients. 

Features & benefits

Huge time saver - No more data entry! 

Receipt Bank gathers, stores and processes your invoices and receipts. All your data is securely stored online.

Increased productivity  

Receipt Bank’s Practice Platform dashboard will enable you to see a snapshot of your outstanding bookkeeping and it’s urgency, helping you to prioritise your workload. It will also allow you to see the efficiency of your processes and your clients, so you can identify areas to focus on.

Submit as you go 

Fast and effortless receipt submission. From paper to the cloud in a single snap or email. You can also instantly submit expenses via Paypal, Dropbox or post.

Real time information 

Have visibility of source documents, bookkeeping workload and a bank reconciliation and accounts payable ledger that’s always up to date!

Go paperless  

Publish your data directly to your preferred accounting software or simply download your report in PDF or Excel format. 

We love the story about the origins of Receipt Bank, which founder Michael Woods shares on their website here. The best solutions often arise out of frustration with the status quo! And add Receipt Bank 'Post Box' to your website like NumberNurses have done to make it even easier for your clients, helping them avoid those same frustrations. 

Take a look at the Receipt Bank website for more information. 

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