BLOG: Why Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimization

There is a fatal mistake that a lot of business owners make. Are you making it too?

BLOG: Why Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimization

Well, ask yourself a simple question: do you treat your website like your offline practice. Because if you aren’t, you need to be. Yes, that is right, you need to treat your online website just like how you treat your offline practice.

If you opened your practice in the middle of nowhere, how many new clients would find you?


But if you opened your practice on a busy, bustling street like Queens Street or Pitt Street, how many new clients would you get?

A whole lot more.

But the internet doesn’t have streets, you say. But I’ll tell you now, it does: those streets are called search engines. Instead of wandering down Pitt Street looking for a pair of new shoes, internet users type into search engines what they want - and then window shop the website results to find a website that gives them what they need.

And just like the real world, where most people don’t wander the whole of Pitt Street, on the internet, people don’t go too far to get what they want. In fact, on the internet, everyone’s attention spans is even shorter. Online, people will only look at the first 1-2 pages of search engine results.

If your website isn’t in those first 1-2 pages of search engine results, you might as well be sitting in the middle of nowhere. Your current clients with instructions on how to get there will find you: but no one else will. You need to be where the new customers/clients are. You need to be on the first 1-2 pages of Google (the biggest search engine in the world) when people search for keywords and phrases related to what you do.

How I Use Search Engine Optimization to Jump to the Top of Google

Jumping to the top of the first 1-2 pages of Google is both a science and an art. Think of it this way: Google has trillions of websites and pages to sort through. When you type in “Hamilton Accountant” - Google needs to find which top 10-20 websites in the world are the most relevant and authoritative for the phrase “Hamilton Accountant” - and it shows that to the searcher.

But with trillions of websites/pages on the internet, you need your page to stand out to Google’s automated bots that decide who goes first. You need to make them go “WOW.” And as an SEO consultant, it is my job to make Google go “WOW” when they look at your website by using “Search Engine Optimization” tactics. Here is what I do:

Making Changes to your Website Content

If you want to rank for phrases related to, say, Hamilton Accountants, then your website needs to be relevant for those phrases! There are some important spots on your website to optimize, and as an SEO consultant I make sure those areas are relevant for the important searches/keywords/phrases. Google also has rules about what it likes and doesn’t like in a website. I go through your website and make sure that it is meeting Google’s standards for excellence. If it isn’t, I make all of the fixes I can, then refer you to the right members of Practice Plus to fix it for you.

Build Authoritative, High-Powered Backlinks

A lot of people think that SEO is all about putting the right keywords in the right spot on your website. That is an important part. But it isn’t all Google looks for! Think of it this way. Even after I’ve made your website relevant for your chosen keywords, say, ‘Hamilton Accountants,’ there are still a lot of websites out there that are about Hamilton Accountants. Hundreds, maybe even thousands. Google needs to know why your website is better than the rest. The way Google does that, is by looking at how many websites are linking to yours. In Google’s eyes, every time a website links to your site, it is like a “vote” for it. Each site is recommending people go off their site, to visit yours. To be doing that, they must be viewing your website as important! Get enough links or “votes,” and your website will be viewed as an authority in Google - and climb their search engine rankings. Even better: get websites that Google views as an authority to link to your site. That makes you a super authority! As an SEO consultant, I focus on building high-quality, authority links, to help you climb up the search engine rankings and, most importantly, to stay there.

Want to start turning your website into a client-grabbing tool? Then contact me now and discuss how search engine optimization can change your web strategy today. 

Sarah Chrisp has many years of experience and provides SEO strategy on request.

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