BLOG: Why use a professional copywriter?

The words are often the last thing a business owner thinks about when it comes to their website. “I’ll write it” they say, “I know my business better than anyone”. So what can a professional copywriter bring to the party?

BLOG: Why use a professional copywriter?

If your #1 reason for having a website is to attract new clients, then it needs to build authority and connect with them – which is where high-quality, well-structured content comes in.

You know your business better than anyone. You understand the details behind the scenes, while a prospect is unlikely to care. You might include terminology that's part of your everyday world, but is too technical for your audience. And you're likely to write what you want to say, rather than what a prospect wants to know.

Being so close to your business makes it difficult for you to be objective and write effective content.

Putting strategy into words

We're experts at taking your information, ideas and thoughts, then understanding your business strategy and translating it into strong copy with a powerful message to draw the right traffic to your site for a higher conversion rate.

A professional copywriter is an independent party perfectly positioned, with a bird's eye view of your business, to deliver sharp, customer-focused copy that's straight to the point, while building on your greater story.

Benefits sell, features inform

We'll use our expertise to take the features – your accounting and bookkeeping services for example – and identify the benefits in a way that's meaningful to your prospects.

What's the difference? Features explain what they'll get and benefits sell your services and give a reason to buy.

It's not as easy to move from writing about features to benefits as you might think. First, it's tough to be objective about your own business and, secondly, it takes practice.

Tonal balance

We will adopt a 'tone of voice' that your target audience will relate to and fits the brand image of your business. Think of tone of voice as the colour or personality in the words that help complete your story.

Perfectly formed

We are perfectionists. We muse over tone of voice, subtle shades of meaning, copy structure and the finer points of grammar and punctuation. 

Believe it or not, misspelt words and grammatical errors will reflect badly on your business. After all, accounting and bookkeeping is all about the detail.

And the difference is in the detail.

Siân Hoskins is an online and offline editor, copywriter and proofreader with over 25 years' experience of working with small and medium businesses and global companies.

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