BLOG: Why bother blogging anyway?

Blogging is just like playing the drums. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

BLOG: Why bother blogging anyway?

Nikola Jelenkovic

My drums are covered in cobwebs right now, so I'll leave this analogy here. And I do confess the main motivation for learning the drums initially was to get out of accounting at school. Ironic.   

Content marketing is the only marketing, according to Seth Godin. The move to more general educational and informative content, as opposed to company advertorial-type promotion, has been embraced over the last few years. And the accounting firms that have risen to the challenge of making time to write a regular blog post are finding benefit for their firm in many ways.

Fresh content

A regular blog post shows you're current and updated. We still see a significant number of sites where an enthusiastic attempt was made initially, but then slowly tailed off leaving a website with the most recent post the previous year. Consider fresh content an opportunity to present yourself as an industry leader. Find your 'voice', or provide curated content on a monthly basis at a minimum. The bonus is you can use this post in your eNewsletters, or promote across social media channels to drive traffic back to your website.

SEO benefits

Search engines like Google love a website that changes, with content that people share and link to. SEO is an art more than a science, and improving organic rankings on a search results page takes both time and traffic. Consider content marketing to be a longer term strategy that can help your firm become more visible online.

Keep it simple

As Richard Branson so eloquently states, 'complexity is your enemy'. Which is great news if academic journal language doesn't totally spin your wheels. Get to the point. And feel free to:  

  • use bullet points, a font change or bold text  for emphasis  

Most of us are visual, and tend to skim read on websites to pick up the relevant information we need. Break up your text with interesting headings, and find an appropriate image to go with your post. If you're unsure about your content, try speaking as you write. Finding a conversational tone often ensures it flows well.  

Where do ideas come from?  

Well, there's a stork...oh wait. 

  • Talk to your clients. Find out what their business challenges are, and look for solutions you can offer. 
  • Tune in to the conversations. Get involved with industry events, and find out what's topical. 
  • Embrace social media yourself. Join relevant industry groups on LinkedIn, or follow like-minded professionals on Twitter. 
  • Check out some of the blog ideation tools online, type in a keyword, and go! Entrepreneur lists their 5 favourites here.  
  • If you read an inspiring or topical article, save it to give you an angle to write to. 
  • NOT from others without attribution.

Get started

Blogging takes up a lot less space than a drumkit. And you can still be loud in your own way. Make a start, persevere, and let us know how you get on.  







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