BLOG: Why blogging is like going to the beach

Summertime 'Downunder' means many things; bbq's, sunburn, and time down at the beach.

BLOG: Why blogging is like going to the beach

Will Langenberg

With 70% of the accountants we've talked with considering implementing a content marketing strategy this year, writing a regular blog post is a great place to begin. Not only is this good for your website SEO; it gives you relevant content for your email campaigns, and you can post links across your social media channels to drive traffic to your website.

In some ways, blogging is a bit like going to the beach. 

Getting into the water for the first swim can be a bit tentative. While a few of us run like crazy and throw ourselves under in a wild frenzy, most of us start with a toe-in-the-water type exploration first. Writing a blog post can feel a bit cautious to begin with, especially if you're not sure what to write about. Take the plunge and make a start. 

Stripping down to your swimwear after a winter of layers can feel a little - well, exposed, the first time.  Writing a blog post with your thoughts for the world to see and comment on can feel somewhat exposing too. Be your authentic self, and other people will start leaping into the water with you. 

Feel a current pushing you sideways? Making time to commit to a regular blog post can be a challenge. Fight against the undertow of busy-ness and claim your space between the flags. 

Can't find the right spot on the beach for sunbathing? If you're not sure what type of content your clients are going to be interested in, make sure you have Google Analytics set up on your website and take a test-and-measure approach. Before you know it you'll have the best place on the beach to yourself.

Find the rhythm and start catching waves.  Perhaps even start surfing the waves. Hey, you may find your voice and really start to enjoy the opportunity to have your say and express your opinions on a regular basis.

The waves consistently roll in while the beach constantly reshapes itself.  Make a start and discover the impact a content marketing strategy can have on your business this year. 





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