BLOG: What’s your story?

To meet the competition head on your website has got to work for you in every way, not just how it functions and the way it looks, the copy has to grab attention and reach your audience, fast! You literally have seconds.

BLOG: What’s your story?

If you’ve stumbled across a badly written website you know yourself it’s an instant turn off and looks totally unprofessional.

But you might be thinking, ‘I write regularly, I write great reports and emails and I’ve written a bit of promotional copy before so tackling a website shouldn’t be too tricky.’ Think again, just as your customer turns to you for financial advice you need to use a professional to get the most out of your copy.

Trying to write copy yourself is hard, you’re too close to the action, you probably don’t have much experience and you frankly haven’t got the time. It’s also quite difficult to keep it short and sharp and it’s often easier to say more than you need to and when that happens your message becomes diluted and you lose your audience.

With a background in marketing I help you identify your story and then tell it in a way that’s engaging and encourages the visitor to take the next step and get in touch.

So what’s the kicking off point? It always starts with research, looking at your existing site if you have one, asking you to complete a questionnaire to get to grips with what makes you different and then of course we have to talk. This conversation is when I’ll uncover what makes you unique, as well as determining tone and approach.

So next time you redo your website think seriously about using a copywriter, having those blank pages filled by someone who knows what they’re doing makes all the difference.

Carrie Beckwith BA (Hons), Dip Marketing
Carrie Beckwith is a marketing consultant and copywriter with over 25 years
Originally from England, she’s based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Carrie Beckwith