BLOG: Website Design and The Big Picture

All businesses need a professional website to showcase their brand. Sky Accountants recently launched their new look website, and it's all about the big picture.

BLOG: Website Design and The Big Picture

In collaboration with Wayne Schmidt from Addon Success, CEO Jamie Johns required a website design aligned with their business positioning as forward thinking cloud accounting experts. Their ‘think big’ perspective is reflected in images linking to the power and wonder of the natural world. Sky Accountants has embraced the challenges and opportunities of digital disruption, and showcase their brand effectively to represent that they're professional and up with the play. Their design also reflects their business culture and personality well, and makes them stand out in a competitive market. 

Investing in design helps you polish your brand and make that crucial great first impression. Start with your logo and consider the type of clients you want to attract. Present a professional online appearance including having consistency across your social media channels. Take time to brainstorm and discuss your business strategy to get new perspectives - and new clients! 


Inviting engagement with potential clients though live chat or through eBook downloads helps you generate leads effectively. Good design considers the user experience and how easy it it to navigate around a site. Sky Accountants have a sleek design and it's easy to find the 'bites' of information you need. People tend to scan websites for content as opposed to read every word, and are looking to verify you're a company they are happy to do business with. 

While a great visual site is strongly appealing, hearing people talk can also give you an insight into their personality. Incorporating both a video introduction and audio testimonials as Sky Accountants have done enable them to quite literally tell their story.

With efficiency and productivity gains as the main driver for moving to the cloud, Sky Accountants use technology and website integrations to full advantage. As connected advisors it’s important to have your own business tools and processes streamlined and efficient and ‘eat your own dogfood’. You can integrate your website with Practice Ignition for easy onboarding of new clients, and integrate with Xero Practice Studio to set up email campaigns straight out of the backend of your website. 

Cloud accounting in general provides a tool for accountants to enhance relationships with bookkeepers, business owners and with partners within the Xero eco-system. The custom revolving Xero ecosystem bar on Sky Accountants' website showcase some of the recommended specialty apps to help increase efficiency gains across the board.


How do you measure success? There are obvious measures like checking out your weekly Google Analytics report. For Sky Accountants, attracting the type of clients they want to work with has been the biggest measure of success. In fact the recent acquisition of just one top level client gave an immediate return on their website investment. Developing relationships with like minded ‘big picture’ clients is more effective when your own brand matches your aspirations.

Take a look at the webinar below with Wayne Schmidt for more information on their website development process>


Feel free to contact us to chat about the difference a well designed website can make for your business.

Michelle Polglase PracticePlus

As General Manager for PracticePlus, Michelle is inspired by innovation and on a mission to provide the best website solutions for accountants and bookkeepers globally.