BLOG: To the cloud and beyond

Setting goals is one thing; perseverance with execution is another.

BLOG: To the cloud and beyond

Several years ago I set myself a goal of getting up and around the local Port Hills here in Canterbury, NZ on my bike. As a flat road city cyclist (and mostly car driver), I built up my hill fitness over that first summer and by the end of it was sailing over them regularly.

I still aim to get up the hills most weekends. However a busy period combined with a flat tyre and suddenly I’d racked up a a few months of non-biking. The longer I left it, the harder it became. So: I outsourced the flat tyre, committed to a timeframe and started the process again. Last weekend I dragged myself out of bed in the grey drizzle, took my time and plodded my way up that hill again. Just as I reached the top, I broke through the cloud into brilliant sunshine. As I biked along the top looking at the incredible view beyond the cloud-covered city it was a whole new perspective and well worth the effort involved to get there.

It takes effort to reap reward. Whether you’ve been procrastinating on implementing a social media strategy, or you’ve been too busy to update the content on your website, the effort is always rewarded. Time is a precious resource. Scheduling your time to set your goals, then either delivering or outsourcing tasks as required to meet those goals can help you achieve the outcome you desire. Whether personal or business, taking time to review the “big picture” is crucial.

Here at PracticePlus we help you achieve your business goals

Your website should be your top lead generator for your business and we can help you drive your business forward. Your options include:

  • Simple DIY - select your template and away you go! Follow our step-by-step guide to add your content. A quick and easy website solution.
  • Copywriting - stuck on how to sell yourself? Have our expert copywriters craft your story. 
  • Strategy - how should you position yourself in your industry? Have your business analysed for your strategic point of difference. 
  • Design - the look and feel of your site can have an immediate impact. Have our talented designers suggest ways of presenting your information dynamically. 
  • Ongoing consumer engagement strategies. This included advice on email campaigns, social media, blogging, and is customised to your target market 
  • Ask about our new template options.

Open up a whole new world and journey to the cloud and beyond. Contact us today.

Michelle Polglase PracticePlus

As General Manager for PracticePlus, Michelle is inspired by innovation and on a mission to provide the best website solutions for accountants and bookkeepers globally.