BLOG: The real reason mobile-friendly sites are important

How important is a mobile-friendly site to accountants and bookkeepers really!? In this article we discuss what you should consider when deciding the mobile strategy for your website.

BLOG: The real reason mobile-friendly sites are important

If you search for "mobile site usage statistics" in Google you'll get percentages ranging from 15% to 35%. And if you add "B2B" to your search then you'll get another range of statistics.

So who's numbers are right, and which numbers can you rely on to make your decision about whether to invest in a mobile-friendly site?

Added to this conundrum your local web designer might be telling you that a mobile-friendly website is 'essential to your survival' and a 'must-have' if you want to keep up with your competitors and win new clients online.

But is it really true? Or are they just trying to up-sell you to a feature you don't really need?

I think Visible Logic summed it up well on their blog saying "there is no such thing as average mobile usage", and I agree. But they also pointed out that the percentage of mobile users varied according to the type of business and they audience they targeted.

So let's cut to the chase.

How important is a mobile-friendly site to accountants and bookkeepers really!?

Here's some average percentages from our top performing accountant and bookkeepers sites:

  • Mobile (small device) 6-8%
  • Tablet 5-6%

Generally for tablets your website will display the same as a desktop view, although as tablets become smaller your website will have to support a large range of device sizes. This means you'll need a "responsive" mobile website design (but more on that another time).

So now to the main reason why you need to attend to your mobile site – and it doesn't come down to percentages.

Your site may be demoted in the search rankings by Google if your website is not mobile friendly. 

You can read more about their recent announcement here or a list of the most common mistakes. But as you've probably got a bunch of other things to get on with, here's a quick summary of the key points:

  • Use responsive web design rather than a specific design or site for your mobile users. (BTW - all our new sites include responsive design)
  • Many videos are optimised to play on a desktop device, but the same video may not play on a mobile device. You need to ensure your videos work on both desktop and mobile.
  • Make sure your mobile pages load in under one second

So as usual for Google it's all about making search a fast and useful experience for it's users. If your website is slow or does not cater for mobile users, then you can expect to be penalised in mobile search results. Note your desktop search results won't be affected (according to Google).

If you're worried about your current website and want a quick transfer to smart mobile friendly site - you might like to try our Lite product. You can be all sorted in a matter of weeks. However if you need your current website made "responsive" then best you get in touch.

Thanks for reading. 

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