BLOG: The Magical Number Seven

We have limits on the way we process information. Miller’s Law suggests the total number of objects an average human can hold in working memory is 7 ± 2.

BLOG: The Magical Number Seven

With this limitation on the amount of information that we’re able to receive, process, and remember, see our list of seven best practice recommendations for an awesome website:

1. Content 

Tell your story. High quality, well structured content is important so you can tell your business story effectively. Your unique point of difference needs be clearly stated to give you a competitive advantage. Take Complete Business Partners - they really do mean business.

2. Analytics 

Look at your Google Analytics and use that information to optimise your website. For example, your “About Us” page generally ranks highly so make sure this page establishes your credibility.

3. Design 

Spend some time on your website design and make sure you end up with a conversion-focused website. What does this mean? A professional layout and structure means users can find the information they need quickly.  

Be user friendly - check out some examples of our best practice design.

4. CTA 

Include CTA’s or a “Call to Action”, such as an eBook download. This encourages users to engage with you and helps establish your credibility as an industry expert. Polaris Tax and Accounting do this nicely.

5. Mobile 

Mobile optimisation is recommended. Business decisions, including “which Accountant shall I use?”, are increasingly made while browsing on mobile devices. According to Google’s Matt Cutts, more than 1 in 8 web users browse from their mobile devices. There’s an interesting recent article here on website recommendations, including making your website mobile friendly.

6. XPM 

Integrate your website with Xero Practice Manager for the ultimate business tool.

7. Strategy 

Define your business strategy and marketing messages, and execute them across multiple digital channels. Education is the new marketing, and you need to update your website regularly. Take a look at the market segmentation Gill McKerrow have identified with their targeted Blogs

The power of seven

With the seven wonders of the world, the seven seas, the seven primary colours, the seven notes of the musical scale, and the seven days of the week we’re in good company. Check out our seven best practice recommendations and see how your website stacks up.

Michelle Polglase PracticePlus

As General Manager for PracticePlus, Michelle is inspired by innovation and on a mission to provide the best website solutions for accountants and bookkeepers globally.