BLOG: The Journey to Xero Award Winner

I spoke with Marvin Galang from Double Rule, hot off the press from Xerocon Denver, about being a Xero Gold partner and the journey to becoming Xero US Accounting Partner of the Year...

BLOG: The Journey to Xero Award Winner

Branding and Marketing

Our branding and marketing is all around Xero. We kind of excommunicated ourselves from Quickbooks, which was a risk - would it pay off? This award is validation and affirmation for us. 

Xerocon Denver was a great venue for learning. Learning not just how to use Xero, but how to help in business. Marketing, process efficiencies, inspiration - all the CPAs we spoke to are going home inspired, pushing Xero, they don’t want to be left out. They know they’ll be EXTINCT if they don’t act now. 

The journey to Xero Gold status 

Our formula was to decide straight away we had to be a Gold partner. To be on the Xero first page of advisors is an advantage for us. Our strategy was to break it down like this: 

1. Mining our network. We had a solid network in Healthcare, and our clients were able to open other networks and opportunities for us. 

2. This is a numbers game; how do I get to 100. So it’s 5 lots of 20, or 2 lots of 50, however you want to divide it. X number of CPA firms each has X number of clients. The challenges we had were expertise and resource, so we brought those on board for cloud services. We effectively became resellers of Xero. We also offered support to migrate clients, to do their bookkeeping - our motto became “whatever you need we will do it.” 

3. Website. It’s a critical piece of the formula for us. You wouldn’t believe the number of testimonials we’ve received saying: “We’re only going with you guys because we love your website.” Crazy huh, that they trust us with their accounting needs because of our website.

Website design 

We had our logo, but that’s where you guys came in. The logo has to link to the theme and overall feel for the users.

The Homepage is always active, we have content as the main driver. We wanted to make sure we have a system in place which is not static, where there are regular changes on the site. We’ve added the content section U, we’re posting blogs and content updates. We’ve also featured our different levels of services. This makes our Homepage more engaging and we’ve achieved our goal.

This is an exciting time for us!


Michelle Polglase PracticePlus

As General Manager for PracticePlus, Michelle is inspired by innovation and on a mission to provide the best website solutions for accountants and bookkeepers globally.