BLOG: Repeat after me: 'Blog, tweet, tweet, hashtag'

If the title of this blog makes no sense to you, then I might forgive you... but I might not, because if you're at all interested in generating new business from your website, then you must acquaint yourself with these terms.

BLOG: Repeat after me: 'Blog, tweet, tweet, hashtag'

Take a look at the following graph. It's the traffic from last week for the PracticePlus+ blog (the blog you're reading right now).

See the top blog post from last week:

  • It had a good Average Time on Page (00:03:22) meaning that it was readable & useful to its audience.
  • An ok amount of unique visitors (21) - we're still building our online audience.
  • 60% of the readers had never been to our website before.

In my mind, that's a successful blog post. It was useful and attracted a number of readers - and in my experience it will continue to attract readers over the coming weeks... as you can see from other blog posts in the list that continue to drive traffic to our website.

Why this blog post worked...

Well to let you in on a secret, we used three techniques that are working very well for us:

  1. When you blog, make sure you tweet.
  2. Tweet more than once at different times for the same blog post.
  3. Use hashtags in your tweets that are relevant to your audience.

Here's the two tweets that were sent (using Hootsuite):

  • Note the tweets were on two different days and at different times. The second tweet at 11:55am on the 27th was scheduled to go out at a time when a lot of our followers are online and on Twitter (according to Tweriod)
  • Note the #Accountant hashtag that was used which spreads our reach across twitter and associated services i.e. it resulted in us automatically being included on this website: and likely others too that automatically show content from certain hashtags on twitter.

The last piece of the puzzle is to set up a weekly analytics report so you get feedback (like the graph above) each week on how your blogging and tweeting is going. Without constant feedback your inspiration and momentum for blogging and tweeting will wane, but once you see you're getting traction it encourages you to keep going and refining your approach.

Happy to discuss any of the above in more detail. Skype me or email me.

And remember: "Blog, tweet, tweet, hashtag!!"


Matt McFedries PracticePlus

As founder of PracticePlus, Matt’s expertise includes digital and brand strategy, website development and integration. His thorough knowledge and skills of IT and marketing – drawn from 15 years’ experience – are all encompassing, from CMS and CRM, online, email and mobile marketing to software development, SEO and web design.