BLOG: Innovation, the Economy and You

So, a business style SWOT analysis for a country?

BLOG: Innovation, the Economy and You

 I was intrigued to come across these recently released white papers put together by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand in collaboration with NZIER and the Lowy Institute. Comparing the nations of New Zealand and Australia to a start-up business enterprise, some interesting strategies are suggested to maximise potential. It’s great to see thought leaders developing a plan for both countries’ continued prosperity. Emerging from the Global Financial Crisis in reasonably good shape, we’re entering into a period of strong growth. Not surprisingly, the use of technology figures prominently in the suggested economic growth model.

This statement in particular resonated with me: 

“The current societal backdrop is one of high speed change. Technological change, urbanisation, globalisation and ageing will not stop; to the contrary, their effect on economies, politics and policies will become more pronounced.” 

Technology is at the forefront of innovation, and it’s important not to be left behind. Opportunities identified in the white papers include the use of technology to lift productivity growth. Knowledge-based capital is highly valued in an increasingly digital world.

Technology for your competitive advantage

As a business owner, leveraging technology to systemise, automate and respond quickly to real-time data can give you a tremendous competitive advantage. With traditional accounting industry disrupters like Xero coming along and providing real-time solutions, an eco-system has rapidly evolved to support the innovative business owner.

Here at PracticePlus we’re also committed to innovative solutions and we’re looking forward to showcasing our latest at Xerocon.  Providing websites and lead generation tools for Xero partners, we’re continually looking for ways to do things better. 

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