BLOG: How to win more leads from your website this year

How many leads did your website generate for you in 2014? Was it what you hoped for? Would you like it to increase? If you're disappointed with the results you're getting then here's a simple way you can increase your leads in 2015.

BLOG: How to win more leads from your website this year

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Add an eBook to your website.

eBooks are a time proven lead generation tool that if done well can result in a handful of leads arriving in your inbox every week! Would that kind of result make an impact in your business this year?

The reason that eBooks work is because they give your website visitors and alternative action to "Contact Us" or a "Free Consultation" - both of which assume they're ready to have a discussion – which is a step too far for most visitors. How about giving them something easier like a free download of some useful content instead.

Maximising the return from your eBook

Now there's a few guidelines that will help maximise the return from your eBook:

  1. The title of the eBook needs to be compelling, inspiring people to download it
  2. The visitor must provide their name and email address before they can download the eBook
  3. You should have additional useful content ready to send them over the following weeks

The 3rd point is really important, because if you don't have a plan to follow up the lead then the chances are you won't do it or you won't do it well.

The best way to follow up a lead who has downloaded your eBook is to send them something else of value. This builds trust. It also builds credibility.

Once you have established trust and credibility, then it's much easier to sell something to someone – and you might even find they ask to buy from you first!

eBook Examples:

Here's some great examples of websites that use eBooks to good effect:

* Disclosure, Matt (the author) is co-founder of Debtor Daddy.

Taking action…

If you think an eBook could be a great way to increase leads from your website this year, there's a few ways you can get started:

  1. Brainstorm. Get your team together and brainstorm what kind of topics are of the greatest value to your clients. You could even get each team member to submit 2-3 paragraphs of content on the chosen topic which you can then compile the best ideas into one document.
  2. Re-purpose some existing content. Format it nicely into a PDF and you're good to go! Although to maximise your results you might consider getting a designer involved to ensure it looks super sharp!
  3. Write an eBook from scratch. This is quite time consuming, but is likely to yield a better result because you're writing it with the end user in mind. A great way to get it done is to hire a copywriter to interview you on the topic, then they can turn it into something that reads beautifully!
  4. Add an eBook download form to your website. This could be the hard part, but if you're a PracticePlus customer this could already be built in to your website or added quite quickly for a minimal cost.
  5. Write follow up emails. Don't forget the eBook download is just the beginning. Follow up with additional valuable content, afterwhich you can ask the prospect if they're ready to talk. Ideally you want to automate the follow up emails so it requires no further work from you.

If you'd like further information about getting an eBook up and running on your website, email us and we'll get you sorted quick smart!




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