BLOG: How to increase your website conversion rates

70% of the accountants we spoke with are considering implementing a content marketing strategy with the goal of generating more leads for their business.

BLOG: How to increase your website conversion rates

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Information is power. Look at the largest eCommerce search engine Amazon, and their move to opening the first bricks-and-mortar store. Leveraging data to provide what the customer really wants pays off in many ways. 

Using analytics to drive strategy

A website conversion rate can be defined in different ways depending on the results you want to achieve. It refers to an action taken on your website, which may be a contact form filled in, a subscription to a newsletter confirmed, or an appointment to discuss your services. Setting your conversion goals means you can be strategic about your process, applying a 'test-and-measure' approach to do more of what works for your business and encouraging engagement with your website. 

Make sure you have Google Analytics set up on your (mobile optimised, of course) website. Looking at your numbers gives you data on your most popular website pages and content, and on the effectiveness of any campaigns you may be running. Make sure you have spam filters set up, and set up a custom dashboard if you want to dig deep. 

Top metrics include your Website visits, Referrer analysis, Content analysis, Visit duration, Bounce rate, and of course Conversion rate. We take a look at our own analytics to demonstrate what can be effective for your business...

Website Visitor

A content marketing strategy can help you increase traffic to your website. Unique visits in particular are helpful to give you an idea of your reach. These visitors are the individuals who visited your site first time, which excludes return visits and can be a good way to gauge the effectiveness of a new marketing campaign. You can also compare time periods.

We experienced a 44% increase in website traffic for 2015 due to implementing our content marketing strategy, including these regular blog posts. Success! 


Referrer Analysis

Where does your website traffic come from? Looking at your referrer analysis can give you insight into what is working the best for your business, and we have listed our top four here. (Note: is the shortened URL for LinkedIn, and is the shortened Twitter link). Once you have data on where your clients are finding out about you, you can double down.  

Posting our Blog content on our Company page and Digital Marketing for Accountants and Bookkeepers Group on Linkedin and on Twitter are most effective for us. 

Content Analysis

Not only can you see the most popular pages on your website (not surprisingly, accountants like our 'Pricing' page, which we're transparent about!), you can also get data on your most popular Blog posts. This gives you information for optimising the content you create - and the results are not always what you expect to see. 

Our top 5 Blog posts for 2015 were:

  1. The Rise and Rise of Fintech (posted Dec 2014 and still topped the popularity list).  
  2. The Power of Optimism for Business Success
  3. How Do I Market My Accounting Practice?
  4. What works? 6 Website Design Tips for Accountants (posted Dec 2015 and still made the top 5!)
  5. How to Maximise the 25 Seconds Visitors Spend on your About Page

Visit Duration and Bounce Rate

Analytics on the length of time people spend on your site is helpful - the greater the length of time, the more engaged they tend to be. The 'bounce rate' shows the percentage of single page sessions, which can either demonstrate they've found what they need quickly, OR that there are site design/ usability issues.  Making a few design changes, and monitoring your Bounce rate, can give you clarity on any potential site design issues. 


Persistence alongside continual improvement are the keys to success. To increase your conversion rates:

  • Make sure you have 'Call to Actions' on your Homepage, so potential clients can engage with your website.  These could include an eBook download or Contact form for capturing email addresses. 
  • Increase your website traffic! Make a start with your content marketing strategy including a regular blog post to use in your eNewsletters and post across social media. Driving traffic to your website should encourage more people to find out about your expertise, and engage with you.
  • Test and measure, and do more of what works for your business. 

If you're interested in our monthly content subscription, or want more information about how to get underway,  contact us now.  









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