BLOG: How to benchmark your marketing activity

We integrated our own website with Infusionsoft last year, and we're seeing more accounting firms leveraging marketing and sales automation software to full advantage. Indeed, that's one of the interesting trends in the accounting industry Xero CMO Andy Lark discussed at Xerocon, London.

BLOG: How to benchmark your marketing activity


He suggests that by 2020 it's expected around a quarter of the economy will be digital, with automation completely transforming the global workforce. It's more important than ever to consider your online presence, and your digital marketing strategy. 

70% of the accountants we've talked with would like to implement a content marketing strategy this year. The Small Business Marketing Trends report Infusionsoft recently published has some interesting analytics for 2016. and you can download that here. They break it down into the following five areas: goals and priorities, challenges, tactics, opportunities, trends and predictions. 

1. Goals and priorities

The top three goals and priorities are:

  • Driving sales
  • Building brand awareness and conveying information
  • Collecting leads

Digital advertising and social media is the key for these businesses achieving their goals, with their website being the starting point. 

2. Challenges

The greatest challenges include:

  • Not enough leads
  • Not enough time

Sound familiar? We certainly hear that all the time!

3. Tactics - websites are the focal point

More than half of the business owners surveyed were planning to spend more on their website this year, with the greatest challenges being: 

  • turning more leads into customers
  • generating web traffic
  • finding the time and resources for digital marketing
  • turning web traffic into leads

Their website is seen as being the main marketing channel for over 70% of business owners.


4. Opportunities

The biggest opportunities come from modernising and improving current marketing activities and processes, particularly around: 

  • Content marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing automation

5. Trends and Predictions

Successful small businesses will:

  • view and use their websites - and all the content they create - as sales tools first
  • strive for integrated marketing solutions
  • become increasingly sophisticated in their use of data (while gravitating towards tools that make that data easy to understand)


Where is your company now? Benchmark your efforts by setting up Google Analytics in readiness for a test-and-measure approach. And get someone outside the business to take a look at your website with fresh eyes to see how engaging it actually is - do you have call-to-actions on your Homepage? If your website is good to go, then you'll need regular content and a plan for execution.

If you'd like website recommendations, monthly blog content, or assistance with your content marketing strategy then please contact us now.



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