BLOG: Fed your website lately?

Keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content is a challenge for every accountant. That's why we're introducing a new service that offers a time and cost effective way of adding fresh content to your website every month!

BLOG: Fed your website lately?

What if adding new content to your website was as easy as, well... doing virtually nothing? That's the idea behind our new content subscription service. It's an easy way to keep your website fresh without the burden of having to write new content every month.

Who writes the content?

The content is written by our network of experts across a range of subject areas from marketing, to intellectual property, to human resources. And we're regularly adding new providers.

Where does the content appear?

The content is displayed on your home page and your blog. The home page displays the most recently published article and the blog shows all the articles, organised by categories.

However the really powerful feature of this content is that you can easily email it out to your clients in just a few clicks using the built-in email marketing module that comes with every PracticePlus website. This means that you've got great content to send to your clients EVERY month with very little effort required.

Will the articles help my Search Engine rankings?

No. Because the articles may be used across a number of websites we've purposely prevented Google from adding them to their search index. This actually protects you from potential duplicate content penalties which can occur when your content is identical to content displayed on other websites.

Does this work on any website?

At this stage you must have a PracticePlus website to be able to access the monthly content subscription.

How it works

  1. You sign up to the monthly content subscription (for $49/mth)
  2. We load 15-30 articles into your website every month
  3. We email you a list of the new articles
  4. You choose which articles you publish and/or email to your marketing list

Want to learn more?

Book a demonstration or contact us for more information.

Matt McFedries PracticePlus

As founder of PracticePlus, Matt’s expertise includes digital and brand strategy, website development and integration. His thorough knowledge and skills of IT and marketing – drawn from 15 years’ experience – are all encompassing, from CMS and CRM, online, email and mobile marketing to software development, SEO and web design.