BLOG: Events and seminars

Have you ever thought about running an event? Perhaps a webinar on debtor management or a seminar on how your business can help SME’s...?

BLOG: Events and seminars

Hosting events and seminars can provide great business opportunities. We consistently get feedback from the accountants we talk to that hosting events is an effective way to generate business leads. Running regular events, whether in person or by webinar, can also help you position your company as an industry leader.

Developing relationships can help your business move to the next level. What are the opportunities you can identify to network further? Discussing success stories, near misses, disastrous exits, pivots and many other scenarios with business owners enables you to be more effective with your offering. If this seems a little daunting you could consider partnerships with a bank or other industry leader to leverage connections and venues. And of course, promote these events on your website and through your social media channels.

Events with the experts

If you’ve heard of Purple Cow Marketing, you need to meet “the man with the shoes”, Wayne Schmidt of Addon Success. A well-connected veteran of running successful client events for accounting practices globally, Wayne launched Xero into Australia and is an industry expert on Cloud services. He can do all the work for you, or advise on how to get started yourself. If you’re wanting to win new clients, or even achieve Xero Gold partner status he can help you achieve your goals.

Stuck for ideas? Michael ‘MC’ Carter of PracticeParadox can help you with your business growth strategy If you’re wanting to “break your firm out of its box” consider a content driven educational marketing campaign. A strong online presence is essential and he can help you get up to speed with his Modern Marketing Academy

Confused about where to start? Wayne helpfully pointed out that Addon Success event management is like a "one night stand" - a fabulous one-off event. Whereas PracticeParadox is the ongoing relationship, strengthening month by month. Certainly both approaches, metaphorically speaking, can be hugely beneficial to your business. Take a look at their tips below on how to run a seminar: 


Networking with people with a different perspective gives you business insights out of your immediate frame of reference. Some of the biggest companies in the world are set up simply to connect people - from Facebook to LinkedIn - and there’s an interesting article on the importance of networking on Roger La Salle’s Blog here. Meeting inspirational business leaders can open doors to opportunities, as well as providing a kind of innovative thinking contagion. Like catching a virus, if you surround yourself with innovative thinkers you can’t help but be influenced by ideas and processes that challenge traditional business models. You may even find yourself exploring your shoe purchase options.

Street cred

Word of mouth is highly effective in this online, increasingly connected world. If you’ve heard of someone doing a great job through your personal or business network they have that “street cred” immediately. You can establish your business “street cred” by:

  • Having an updated website

  • Creating/curating content regularly

  • Actively marketing your brand

  • Running events and positioning yourself as an industry leader.

Connect with prospective clients and provide solutions for their problems; connect with thought leaders and think big. We’re social animals and enjoy feeling we’re part of a community. Get involved, develop your industry street cred, and most importantly - have fun!

Connect with us here for more information on establishing your business street cred.

Michelle Polglase PracticePlus

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