BLOG: Do you have a rainmaker?

It's been stunningly beautiful weather, perfect for my new passion flying light aircraft. I certainly appreciate the lush, green countryside from this new perspective, for which some rain is obviously required.

BLOG: Do you have a rainmaker?

And this is where, in many traditional cultures, the rainmaker comes in.

So, what is a rainmaker? 

The business world loves a good metaphor, so consider 'rain' to be 'money.' A rainmaker is therefore the person who brings in new business, clients, money, or respect to a firm through their reputation, networks and association. This person is usually a key figure in the firm, with this new business generally happening from sources outside existing channels.  A rainmaker can also be a problem solver, providing business solutions that have popular appeal. 

Brand and reputation

More of the accountants we talk with are finding a niche. Instead of trying to cater to all, a focus on a vertical can enable you to specialise and become the expert for a particular sector. This also means you can expand your referral network well beyond geographical boundaries. Clients will be happy to reach out to you online if you have a strong brand that people trust, and a reputation for delivering on your promise.

Your website is your opportunity to showcase your brand. What's your USP, or unique selling proposition? Does your website send the right messages to your target market? Make sure you have an updated, modern look that speaks to your niche. And check that your content is engaging. 

Running regular events can be a great way to build your reputation as a thought leader within your niche. Whether delivered onsite, as a guest speaker perhaps by partnering with local business, or by webinar, consider ways you can expand your circle of influence. 

Fly high

If you're wanting to reach new business heights, identify the rainmaker within your business. Look at ways to leverage your brand and develop your reputation within a niche.

And if you'd like information on how to navigate your business cross-country, or discuss the altitude you need to reach the next level,  contact us now.





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