BLOG: Customer loyalty, your business and you

In a highly competitive world, a great client experience stands out. Equally, a negative experience can be widely broadcast instantly over a variety of channels.

BLOG: Customer loyalty, your business and you

It obviously makes sense to strive to provide the best experience possible. Most importantly your decisions reveal who you are and what you value as a business:

  • what is your intent and motivation?

  • do you treat others how you’d like to be treated?

In her book I Love You More Than My Dog, Jeanne Bliss discusses in depth the five decisions that drive extreme customer loyalty. She also showcases some interesting experiences successful companies have had. The five decisions that “beloved companies” make are:

1. Decide to believe

We trust our customers, and this is reciprocated. Full transparency, open communication.

2. Decide with clarity of purpose

Be clear about your unique promise and deliver an experience.

3. Decide to be real

Break down the barriers; share your story with your customers.

4. Decide to be there

Earn the right to the continued customer relationship.

5. Decide to say sorry

How a company reacts in adversity reflects the humanity of an organisation.

The decisions you make and the actions you take influence how people describe and think about your business. What story do your decisions tell about you?

Measure it

One simple question; the “ultimate” question - gives you client loyalty feedback. "On a scale of zero to 10, how likely are you to refer to a friend or colleague?" gives you your NPS or Net Promoter Score. A complete methodology has evolved around this one question, developed by Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey. With the answers you can divide your clients into three groups:

  • promoters

  • passives

  • detractors

You can then create a closed-loop feedback cycle for learning, recovery and action processes.

Tell the story of who you are and what you value. Ask the ultimate question, and find out what your clients really think.

Michelle Polglase PracticePlus

As General Manager for PracticePlus, Michelle is inspired by innovation and on a mission to provide the best website solutions for accountants and bookkeepers globally.