BLOG: Content Marketing and the Art of Execution

A friend of mine had a gym membership for 3 years, without actually going to the gym. His goal was to increase his fitness levels, and he liked the idea of going to the gym, but each week he didn't quite find the time to make it happen.

BLOG: Content Marketing and the Art of Execution

Scott Webb

A content marketing strategy can be a bit like that gym membership. 70% of the accountants we speak with are considering implementing a content marketing strategy this year, which signifies a mindset change within the sector. However, an accounting practice website simply does not have the volume of traffic of an eCommerce website, and being strategic with your approach is essential if your goal is to generate more leads for your business. And your execution is the key to success.


Firstly, you need content. There are two ways to get content:

1. Commit to writing a blog post each month

The two most common reasons this doesn't happen:

  • 'but I haven't got time'
  • 'I'm numbers, not words'

The best thing about committing to a regular monthly blog post is that it gets easier the more regularly you do it. It's an opportunity to showcase your industry knowledge and experience, and find your voice.You may even be able to share the writing  around within your practice. 

2. Source great content

We listened to the accountants we spoke with, and we provide a Monthly Content Subscription service where we automatically upload blog posts each month. 

There are many marketing specialists within the industry, and if you want to deep dive in check out the Modern  Marketing Academy MC Carter offers. 

Spread the Word

Having great content is just the beginning. It's not just for keeping your website updated - and we have seen websites where the last blog post was published 2 years ago - but it also gives you content you can use to drive traffic to your website:

  • email marketing campaigns. With a simple drag and drop functionality, sending a monthly or even weekly email campaign becomes a breeze. Integrate your website with Xero Practice Manager for best results. 
  • post across your social media channels. If you're not using social media yet, make 2016 the year you get onboard. Your competitors are on social media for a reason. Set up Dlvr.It, or use a social media dashboard like Hootsuite for scheduling of posts. 
  • events - there's no doubt that word-of-mouth referrals are the best. So consider running regular events, either in person or online. A regular webinar can be a very effective way to extend your reach, updated easily with the events module on your website and marketed of course.  If you've no idea where to start, have a chat with Wayne Schmidt from PracticeEQ.  


Finally, go to the gym! Regular monthly execution of your content marketing strategy will deliver results over time. Education is the new marketing, and more of the accountants we speak with are offering advisory services. So your content marketing strategy gives you a real opportunity to share your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader.

For more information, or perhaps even a gym program, contact us here







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