BLOG: Business growth hacking for accountants

Word-of-mouth referrals are fantastic. But never has there been a better time to expand your reach.

BLOG: Business growth hacking for accountants

The term 'growth hacking' is somewhat of a buzzword. It refers to using low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing techniques, particularly around the use of social media to increase website traffic and conversion rates.

There's a great saying by Jonathon Perelman that 'content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants', which we've written about here. What's often the last thing we do at night, and the first thing many of us do in the morning? It's the phone check; a quick glance at emails or social networks. Social is now the starting point for many of us, with mixed business and entertainment content served up continuously. There are creative ways of leveraging social like never before. 

For accountants who have traditionally relied on word-of-mouth referral networks, a content marketing strategy can deliver great results and help expand your immediate network. Having a professional website that showcases your brand and tells your business story is essential, preferably with Homepage 'Call to Actions' to encourage engagement. With your website at the heart of your online strategy, make sure you've identified your target market or niche and worked out the most effective social media channels for your business.

From there: 

 - Find your voice! Write regular blog posts with interesting content, and take the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

- Post your content out across your social media channels, and #hashtag away. If you're not sure where to start, take a test and measure approach. 

- Hit a nerve with your topic? You may even go viral.

- eNewsletters - feature the latest content from your blog. 

- eVents - make an effort to network widely and raise your brand profile at every opportunity. Consider running a regular webinar you can promote on your website too. 

Blow your own trumpet

Now you may be too shy to rock a giant dressing table in public, but take a look at ways you can stand out from the crowd. Start spreading the word, and execute your digital marketing strategy. And if you'd like some help from us, our Content Marketing Strategy service may be just what you need to get underway.  









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