BLOG: Accountants and the Age of Revolution

Who would have thought, a few years ago, that conversations with accountants would centre around best use of technology for marketing automation and business efficiency gains?

BLOG: Accountants and the Age of Revolution

Eric Haidara

As a website provider, that’s the type of conversation we’re having more frequently as accountants move away from compliance to the cloud integration and business advisory space and begin to ‘eat their own dogfood.' Advising on growth strategy for a small business owner but not generating leads for your own business? That’s not going to work for you in the longer term.

Marketing Automation 

I had an interesting meeting this week with a local accounting practice exploring marketing automation options through Infusionsoft. We have several accounting firms now who have integrated their website with dedicated sales and marketing software (most commonly Infusionsoft or Hubspot) to leverage the power of automation. This software not only automates all your followup activities; it also gives you clear visibility around the type of marketing activities that are most effective for you in building your sales pipeline. 

How does this work? Say a lead visits your website and engages by downloading an eBook. You can then set up an email education followup series, including automatic email replies to schedule an appointment that synchs with your calendar. Your Dashboard overview gives you analytics across all activity and you have visibility over any email opened or link clicked, which then helps you refine your messages further. When you know who your prospective clients are, you can more easily deliver what they need. You can then build your sales pipeline through more targeted lead generation and increase conversion rates for your business.

My meeting was also interesting by actually being face-to-face. No GoToMeeting, Skype or Hangout, this was in an actual meeting room. I love the fact that I regularly talk with Xero advisors globally, and that accountants in the US and UK are particularly interested in what’s happening ‘Down Under.'  Xero is well regarded as being an innovative disruptor in the cloud technology space, and accountants in NZ and AU are considered to be leading the way in redefining a modern accounting practice.

The Age of Revolution

Gary Hamel sums this up well:   

We are now standing on the threshold of a new age - an age of revolution. Change has changed. No longer is it additive. No longer does it move in a straight line. In the twenty-first century, change is discontinuous, abrupt, seditious. 

If you're interested in being part of the accounting revolution, get in touch.  

Michelle Polglase PracticePlus

As General Manager for PracticePlus, Michelle is inspired by innovation and on a mission to provide the best website solutions for accountants and bookkeepers globally.