BLOG: Accountability and taking Action

Do you have a bucket list? A bungy jump is on mine.

BLOG: Accountability and taking Action

Update - Michelle doing it

My next trip to the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown, I plan to tick that off my list. I could quietly keep it on there, not mention it to anyone, and perhaps get around to it if I felt like it. Or I could state it as an intention, then actually have to follow through. 

Good governance

When you are obliged to account for your actions, accept responsibility for them, and disclose the results transparently, stuff gets done. 

The benefits to any business of having an independent perspective are immense. We all know running a business can be all-consuming, with time the scarcest resource. It's also easy to make assumptions without testing them, or to have important action items tucked away vaguely on a bucket-type list. There are many ways to bring accountability to the table, including through business coaching or mentoring, peer advisory groups, or by establishing a board. 

Good governance exists to add value. It provides a decision-making process which can help deliver strategic oversight for an entity's operations. In the post-GFC environment, there's been greater recognition of the importance of good governance practice. There's also massive opportunities for business if you have the right people on the bus, motivated and determined, with clarity around the outcomes you want to achieve. 

The psychology of productivity

Setting vague goals with a lack of accountability can keep you in business-as-usual mode. The small daily habits we develop are key to developing long term success. This is the time of the year resolutions are made, and creating habits that stick can really shape your business success. 

The accountants we speak with are increasingly adding value through business advisory services, and providing that monthly accountability along the way. But they're also often finding challenges within their own businesses, particularly around finding time for content marketing initiatives they know will have a positive impact. Many accountants will have this as a vague plan for the future - they're considering a regular blog post, almost ready to send an eNewsletter to their database, or thinking about a social media strategy. 

Take action

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone is a good thing. Get ready to leap into action for the year ahead. 




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