BLOG: A website over a weekend...

Almost every accountant who contacts us has a similar question. What simple, pragmatic steps do they need to take to move quickly to the digital age? If that strikes a chord with you, you’re definitely not alone. We’re here to help.

BLOG: A website over a weekend...

We work only with accountants and other technology partners in the accountancy sector, so we absolutely know what’s happening out there. After all, we’re helping shape the sector’s future. This is what we think…

Five simple objectives to keep in mind

1. You need a modern, beautiful, mobile-friendly website that positions your practice as cloud savvy.

2. Make sure that it communicates your value propositions loud and clear. 

3. Make sure that it’s super easy to update by non-technical people. Every day, any day and without corrupting the design or the content. 

4. Make sure it connects and integrates with other core business systems such as CRM and Practice Management. 

5. Make sure that it allows you to deliver email campaigns, webinars and blog posts at the touch of a button or two. 

Ten major challenges. Your roadblocks

1. Time. We don’t have any
2. Knowledge. So much is going on. How do we keep up?
3. Complexity. We can’t see how to join the dots
4. Trust. Who really knows about this stuff? Who can we talk to?
5. Money. We can’t afford $10,000+
6. Change. It’s overwhelming. Tech makes it even more so
7. Past experience. Our last website was a dog to change
8. Waiting time. How long will our transition take?
9. Support. Who will be there when we need them?
10. Fear. Of the nine points listed above

One solution – PracticePlus Lite

We’ve analysed our engagement with accountancy practices across the world to produce the five objectives and 10 challenges. And then we built a solution to meet them. It’s called PracticePlus Lite.

PracticePlus Lite gives you a website, the tools and apps that matter, plus seamless digital marketing capability in one easy to buy, build and implement package. Just $750. Deliverable in three weeks. Or a weekend if you’re keen. Plus support, of course.

One thing we really need to talk about

Before we get to the 'weekend' part, we need to talk about one thing that’s at the heart of everything digital and which has proven to be your biggest headache. Even if you never knew it.

It’s your Content Management System. Or the CMS in tech speak. The CMS determines how you add, amend and manage content. How you make your website dynamic and engaging for users. How you integrate apps and tools. And how you deliver campaigns to your prospects.

The problem with most CMSs

Most websites on the market today remain hard to update and easy to break because of the CMS. Websites are usually built from scratch, by hand, by expert craftspeople. They may look amazing. They may work well at first. They come with dazzling promises. But, in most cases, they are websites that you cannot or dare not update yourself without causing corruption and disruption.

Worse still, going back to the web designer to make even the smallest change is a big cost and a huge pain. So you end up ignoring your site. A year down the track, your website is out of date and no longer makes a contribution to your business. Sound familiar?

Problem solved

We searched the market for a CMS that would allow us to build perfect websites especially for accountants. We found one and we've spent the last three years tailoring it to deliver on the five objectives we told you about at the start of this blog post.

We put this CMS at the heart and centre of PracticePlus Lite, which is officially released this week here.

With PracticePlus Lite, you’ll be liberated, energised and more confident about your digital future. You’ll be able to change your website whenever you like. Easily and without cost. It does everything an accountant needs. Technically. Humanly. Financially. Timely…

Case study: A website over a weekend…

Matt Treatt, founder of Sydney-based Your Accounts Department has been our client since 2010. We built his first website which won Xero Partner Website of the Year in Australia in 2011. He was very proud and so were we.

Matt’s always moving on up and a year doesn’t go by without him thinking anew. So he came to us looking for a refresh that incorporated new design and new plans. In double-quick time.

After a brief chat, we decided to trial our PracticePlus Lite product. Minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness.

We set up a free trial site (in minutes) and gave him access to the online help tutorials... not that he ended up using them! That was on Friday. Come Monday, Matt had loaded his content, new service plans and some other ideas into the site in record time. Here's what he had to say:

“PracticePlus was confident about what Lite could do for me so I signed up and went for it. It was a great decision. With dedicated web apps for each area of the site, even complex things like creating multiple service plans were done in minutes, including the built-in integration with Practice Ignition, SocketApp and Xero's Practice Management" - Matt Treatt

Matt's a smart guy, but like most accountants he needed a bit of help with the marketing side of things.

"Once I had my content and ideas loaded into the site, the team of strategists and copywriters at PracticePlus swung into action, reviewed my site and came back with a bunch of recommendations – mostly around simplifying and rewording my content to perform better online. They even helped me come up with the names for my new service plans, plus some custom graphics to help get my offer across more strongly"

Data in. Beautiful out

What if updating your website could be as easy as filling out a form? You input the data and your website automatically makes it look beautiful.

This technology is built in to every PracticePlus Lite website, so updating even complex areas of your site such as your service plans and pricing is made super easy and super fast. 

Want to see it in action? Sign up for a free trial or register for a webinar.

The result

A mobile-friendly website with all the essential features built in. Beautifully designed and easy to update, any time.


Plans and pricing

Xero landing page


Visit their website >

Moving to the digital age – you can start right now – with your website

We've cleared all your roadblocks and made getting started with your website simple and fast. You can even try PracticePlus Lite for free without any risk to see if it's right for you.

Our partnerships with the best technology and thought leaders in the accountancy sector mean that you (and your website) will always be up with the play and you'll be well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities available to accountants in the digital age.

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Matt McFedries PracticePlus

As founder of PracticePlus, Matt’s expertise includes digital and brand strategy, website development and integration. His thorough knowledge and skills of IT and marketing – drawn from 15 years’ experience – are all encompassing, from CMS and CRM, online, email and mobile marketing to software development, SEO and web design.