BLOG: Advise Accountants rapid growth - what's the secret sauce?

Over 50% growth in six months is impressive. Not your typical Bathurst accountants, Advise Accountants are strategic planners who provide the advice, strategy and insight their clients need to grow their own businesses. Matt Sharwood shares some insights with us...

BLOG: Advise Accountants rapid growth - what's the secret sauce?

So, what are you doing that’s driving that type of growth?  

I think it is the complete service offering and referrals. People are liking our adoption of technology for quicker reporting but less compliance work.

You've positioned yourselves in the business advisory space. What motivated you initially to move away from compliance work?

My passion is business advisory, and I own a number of businesses as well. I want to automate compliance so we can work on the fun things in business

Disruptive innovation is pushing all advisors to adapt their business models to stay relevant. What changes have been most effective for your business?

The adoption of tech to automate business processes for timely data. We are also 90% paperless. We use great apps such as Box, Docusign, Spotlight, Crunchboards, and we’re in the process of implementing Infusionsoft to name a few.

Do you have any particular insights or strategies that have been game changing for your clients?

  • We use Mindshop to power our advisory offerings. We would be lost without them.

  • We love Practice Ignition!

  • A lot more clients want us to take over their bookkeeping function now as well. We use Receipt Bank to make it cost effective.

  • We build advisory services into the overall fixed price package, adding value.

You have strong relationships with the partners listed on your website here. What is the value for your business in these partnerships?

Understanding data = power and we want that data yesterday! Those specialists are helpful in achieving real time data.

What's on the horizon for Advise Accountants?

We’re setting up a dedicated Advisory division running monthly TedX type seminars and workshops. We need to get our clients to not see us just as accountants, but as their overall advisor. We just happen to be good with numbers.

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