BLOG: 10 Reasons to Market your Business

​Marketing isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t necessarily straight forward either. From fresh new startups to industry experts, every accounting firm will benefit from marketing their business. If you are not marketing your business then you aren’t making any progress. Even the most experienced accounting firms are going to be at a stand still and fail to gain new customers without simple, yet effective marketing techniques.

BLOG: 10 Reasons to Market your Business

To continue to grow your business marketing is essential and knowing the reasons why it is so effective is going to make the task seem a lot easier and more worthwhile. Read on and you’ll discover 10 reasons on why marketing your business is so important.

1. You’ll increase awareness

Raising awareness puts your business’s brand and its services in the mind of your target audience. Whatever your campaign is, social media will turn into your best friend. Don’t be put off if your marketing campaign doesn’t initially drive sales up, as it will always be raising awareness and that is just as important.

2. You’ll learn your metrics

To optimise your marketing campaigns you need to know your metrics so that your campaign is worthwhile. If you can calculate performance indicators such as CPA and LCV then it will make your marketing campaign seem more worthwhile.

3. You’ll be able to specifically target your clientele

It might be a bumpy start, but as you start to understand what type of marketing works for your business, you will understand your target audience and what their needs and wants are.

4. You’ll gain new customer relationships

Once you start to market your business you will notice an increase in customer relationships. When people become aware of your business, they will know the brand, so that when they need an accountant, they will come to you first!

5. You’ll gain trust

The more well known your company becomes, the more people will trust you. It unfortunately isn’t something that happens overnight, but the more regular your marketing activity is, the more people will be aware and trusting of your business

6. You’ll build a stronger brand

Branding is what separates your accounting business from all the others in the market. Having a strong brand is what makes a customer come to you. It will take time, but through your marketing you will develop a reputation that is memorable and strong.

7. You’ll learn about your marketplace

Once you start to market your business, you will immediately begin to pay more attention to what business owners need. This information helps you to develop your campaigns and learn more about your target audience and what works. It will open your eyes to the reality of the business needs of your clients.

8. You’ll learn how to test and optimise

Knowing how to test different marketing ideas is an important skill; an idea that sounds great in your mind may not actually be effective with your target audience. So by testing and measuring your different ideas you will be able to optimise the success of your marketing.

9. You’ll gain healthy competition

Marketing facilitates healthy competition between firms, which is not a bad thing! It enables businesses to push themselves, to grow and to gain competitive advantage over other businesses in the market.

10. You’ll increase sales

When people know that your accounting business exists, they are far more likely to become a client. Once you start marketing your business, whether it's through social media, a blog, or a campaign, you'll start to see an increase in engagement. 

So don’t wait any longer. Start marketing your business today!

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Jessica Campbell

Marketing Specialist